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"Dr. Alexander . . . brings to this book an acute understanding of both why our cherished form of government--and those who serve us in the civil service--appears to be under such unrelenting attack and how we, as citizens, should and must respond."


-from the foreword by Congressman Elijah E. Cummings


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In Stores January 21, 2020


About Cedric

Cedric Alexander is a public servant, thought leader, and author of "In Defense of Public Service: How 22 Million Government Workers Will Save Our Republic." In his new book, Cedric makes a case for the importance of the public servant to uphold the legitimacy of U.S. Democracy. With a career that spans over 40 years has served in numerous capacities at all levels of government; local, state, and federal. His background combines a long career as a deputy, a police officer, a detective, a deputy mayor, and a police chief in cities across the United States. His expertise has appeared on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. 


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In Defense of Public Service

How 22 Million Government workers Will Save Our Republic


About The Book 

When those we elect descend into partisan tribalism, criminal malfeasance, and emulation of foreign autocracies and oligarchies, Cedric Alexander says it is the unelected apolitical "fourth branch" of government--our nation's public servants, civil servants, and first responders--who must save the nation.



Major General James “Spider” Marks (US Army retired), President, The Marks Collaborative and CNN National Security contributor

"Over 30 years in a uniform in defense of our freedoms convinced me that soldiering was a good thing. Then I read Cedric Alexander’s book. I didn’t “defend” anything; I pursued liberty…supported by millions of selfless civil servants. They have my thanks."

Barry Scheck, Co-Founder, Innocence Project, and professor of law, Benjamin N. Cardoza School of Law

"Cedric Alexander provides an extraordinarily thoughtful and perceptive defense of public service and the dangers of hyper-partisanship from the unique point of view of a clinical psychologist, a police chief, and a leader in the field of community policing. This is an important book for all who care not just about policing in the 21st century but civility and good government in all its aspects."

Tony Goldwyn, Actor

Cedric Alexander’s In Defense of Public Service should be required reading for everyday citizens as well as for anyone considering a life in the ‘Fourth Branch of our government.’  In a time of profound political division and deep skepticism about the so-called  “Deep State”, this book sheds much needed light on the extraordinary contribution made by those unelected officials who actually keep our democracy running."

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